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Welcome to OPGod's rules page!

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If further help is needed and you don't have discord, contact [email protected]

  • Griefing: You can get griefed. It is not against the rules for a player to trash / destroy your plot or your island. Be careful who you allow on your plot.
  • Bullying: It must be confirmed by a staff member. You may report it on the forums if there are no staff online.
  • Spamming: Usually, we only mute people for spam. The only time this usually happens is when you send 3 or more chat messages of the same thing in a row, or, annoying a staff member of any kind.
  • Flying in pvp: Flying in PvP will result in a - day ban on the first offense. Punishments increase if continued.
  • Bypassing mute: If you find a way to bypass mute (which there should be no possible way) It will result in a - day ban.
  • Swearing: Any swearing can, if found unnecessary can lead to warn, mute, or even ban if needed.
  • Payment Chargeback: If you don’t know what this is, google search this or ask your parents.
  • Advertising other servers: This rule goes under common sense. No server owner would want people advertising other servers on their server, so please refrain from doing so.
  • Launching DDoS attacks: Launching DDoS attacks, threats of DDOSing the sever, and threats of DDOSing other players.
  • Threatening: Threating to hack other players.
  • Listing IP's: Listing IP's fake or real can get you temp / perm banned. Depending on the situation.
  • Racial slurs: There are many young people who play on the server. It’s not right for those who don’t know racial slurs or those who don’t like to read/see it to have to see it. (profanity as in obscene language)
  • Spamming: Spam is never a good thing. Hopefully you all know what spamming is.
  • Staff abuse/insult: Insulting staff and/or other players can result in a mute.
  • Using modified clients: ("hacking") is not allowed, or any modifed client that gives a user an advatange over another.
  • Scamming: Scamming is technically allowed. Scamming for real life money or ranks is not allowed and will result in a perm ban.
  • Inappropriate plots: on creative and prison can be reported and deleted (by an owner).
  • Impersonating staff: Impersonating staff is NOT allowed (Owners formally announced: @jacobjake7 and @Slayer)
  • Do not ask owners for free ranks or items. They will not be given to you.
  • If a player is really annoying you: there’s always the choice of the “ignore” command.
  • Unless the owners say it themselves, then there’s always a chance of receiving false information.